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The Undeloher Hof is located directly at the entrance to the 230 km² large, car-free nature reserve “Lüneburger Heide”. From the front door you can start with our own carriages to unforgettable experiences in the heath. Or you explore the heath yourself – on foot or by bike. We would like to make some suggestions:

On the cozy carriage way to Wilsede:

Follow the Kutschenweg to Wilsede, past beautiful juniper groves, bee stalls (filled with Lüneburger Bogenstülpern) and an old sheepfold, you come through a beautiful birch alley to Wilsede, the historic heath village, where you can feel the touch of the old days. Here you can look around the museum and spend some time before returning home.
Length: about 9 km

Via Wilsede to the Totengrund and the Steingrund:

First as Tour 1 to Wilsede, there you go through the village and then through a charming old Hutewald Avenue to the Totengrund, a relic of the Saale ice age. Here you often meet the shepherd with his moorhens. If you turn right at the bottom of the cemetery, you will come to the Steingrund, a spacious, dreamy juniper grove, where fairytale worlds open up. From here you can start the way home via Wilsede and the old saltstreet.
Length: about 11 km

Return via Wilseder Berg:

If you want to hike a bit more Lüneburger Heide, turn off towards Wilseder Berg, the summit of the highest mountain in the North German Plain. From here you have a wonderful view over the wide open landscape. Here you are also in the same place as Carl-Friedrich Gauss in his land survey. On the other side of the mountain you find the way home via the old saltstreet back to Undeloh.

Roundtrip Radenbachtal:

The entrance is the old carriage way to Wilsede, but at the first opportunity you turn left, in direction of Sudermühlen. Here you will find a wonderful varied heath landscape: with old, weather-beaten pines, large junipers and the wet meadows of Radenbach. Here you can meet the large grazing animals that also cultivate the heathland: Wilseder Rote and Dülmener Wildpferde. You can either walk to Sudermühlen (a former mill) or take a circular path via the Prof.-Maetzig-Weg, which leads you back to the Kutschenweg to Undeloh.

Other well-known hiking trails cross Undeloh:

Europäische Fernwanderweg E1
Heidelehrweg Undeloh

And on rainy days Undeloh is a good starting point for excursions. Many suggestions can be found on our page under Surroundings.

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