Carriage Rides


Drive to your heart’s carriage

A special experience and an absolute must is an unforgettable drive through the beautiful landscape of the nature reserve Lüneburger Heide with our own carriages. For this purpose our different teams, drawn by two horses, are at your disposal. For example, our stylish Vis a Vis is ideal for a romantic getaway for two or a small family. Groups of up to 20 people can be seated on one of our larger carriages. Even groups of up to 150 people can be hiked by us through the colorful heathland. There are also three wheelchair accessible carriages, two with a ramp, the other with an electric lift for our handicapped guests. We will gladly send you our offers for round trips and day trips of different duration.
In summer, our own carriage service for the trip to Wilsede and back is ready for you.

Please ask for the departure times by phone (04189-457) or take them from May to October in our event calendar.
Just let your mind wander and feel good

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