Wheelchair accessible


Wheelchair-accessible carriages

The Undeloher Hof also has 3 carriages for your ride in the heath, which are suitable for wheelchair users or handicapped people.

On our first carriage, which is equipped with an electric lift, there is space for a total of 20 people, including 3 wheelchair users. Another carriage can be accessed via a ramp, which can accommodate up to 9 disabled guests and their escorts on a trip.

In 2014, we have built a carriage according to our wishes, which offers space for up to 3 wheelchairs. The access allows a ramp for our handicapped guests.

Our passengers can sit comfortably in their wheelchairs, which of course are secured by us in the carriage.

Of course, in the Undeloher Hof wheelchair accessible toilets are available for our guests.

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